2016 Resolutions

Up close & Personal

I barely love new beginnings. It seems the same to me. But I do dream! I want 2016 to become a great beginning for me to start all over again – restructuring my haywire life (I kid you not). Some of mine this year are:

  • To continue my online/offline biz. The truth is, I’ve started long time ago. The problem with me is, I do things (sometimes) halfway! A big NO in 2016 pls!
  • To travel more. I mean to at least spend 2 or 3 month in lucky country. So I will hop on hop off 4 countries in 1 year. Or maybe more?? Cool huh?!
  • To spend my free time in interior. I just love it! My ambition when I was in high school. But its never too late to learn & explore more about anything.
  • To capture moments as many as I can, print it and patch everywhere in the house. The husband will ‘agree’ with me. LOL!
  • To become a ‘Masterchef’ – at least a good chef to my husband & kids. I’ve always loved cooking/baking and always dream myself cook on TV. Such a dreamer!
  • To be more technology savvy. I’ve learned HTML, C++, database, programming during school but hey I’m hopeless – apart from this blog, I have very little stance in the tech world. I barely exist- fine, I active on IG, FB is gone from the world, I doubt I’ll ever join the so-up-to-date Twitter world but who knows anytime soon? Time to do something about that. The husband would be so proud. *clap *clap

(Surely)I have more, but those listed are my main priority. So here’s to the new year 2016!





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