1 Year

Travelling, Up close & Personal

Appreciation can make a day – even change a life.


14th Feb 2016 – Mark our 1st anniversary of courtship. We made it. Yes, we did it! When I first met him, I never thought that he will be the one, the one I may call as a husband. The one that I’ll be living with for the rest of my life. Never. I never put any expectations during our courtship.

Having said, I met with the unexpected person at the unexpected time. FYI, I never celebrate Valentine’s Day, not even once. For me its just a term or ideology of celebration for lovers. That’s it. Nothing less or more.

However, who knows the V-day was the day that gave a BIG impact to my life as a whole. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make any different for me either its V-day or not. Its a significant date and indeed a memorable moment for us.

Frankly speaking, we didn’t date for such a long time. After we met on Feb, a month after that he proposed me. See, I told ya! Nope not what you thinking it could or would be. I will say its a sign and green light from The Almighty to us to be legally wedded as soon as possible.

Am tremendously happy it turned out well and sail smooth. Most importantly both families bless with this relationship and nothing else to describe but so happy for us. We’re happy too!

To be continued…….




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