White Orchid


Orchid – Yes, a white orchid. Been in love with this plant recently. Yes, recently. I never thought I’d adore orchid this much. I could say my current interest or obsession? I’ve no idea but I simply love it. If you ask me why white orchid, because I love white. I would say it relates me – pure, delicate, elegant, classy, simplicity and I think orchid has its own class of explication.

I love the simplicity of every inch of it. Can’t describe with words but yeah you’ll know by looking at it. I’m thinking to put it on living room’s side table or dining table. Or maybe in bedroom. Would it be nice right?

However, I think its easy to get the fake orchid at any stores and I felt nearly difficult to get the real one. Plus its not cheap, or either both. Or maybe I was wrong.

I’ve never been a fan of replica or fake flower but it def easy to take care of. And it look nice and real too! Unlike the real one, you have to nurture them like a baby – its pretty much of work, effort, passion and it’s sensitive too! On the other note, the cons with the replica is, it easily absorb the dirt, dust, etc and I really hate it!


OMG isn’t she beautiful?



In the kitchen is not bad too.



On dining table. Classy isn’t?




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