Today I want to share with you guys a new skin care that caught my attention completely. I’m always a fan of Korea & Japan (skin care) products. I myself been using them since I was 20yo and satisfied + content with the quality and result. It suits my skin so very well. It’s Asian for Asian anyway!

On the other note, not to say I want to become like them; with the massive plastic surgery, big-rounded eyes, neither super pale skin nor super skinny leg. Trust me, sometimes they look like a zombie. hehewww scarryyy tho. To be honest, they are gwiyeow0yo (say kiyo-wo-yo) means cute. They effortlessly gorgeous and they have the kind of angelic look. Thanks to the power of magic touch of surgery I guess. #heks

Ok now back to the main purpose I write this. 2 weeks ago, I bought dozen of masks from this brand called Yadah –  one of the most famous skin care products in Korea. Yeah, I know its a lot for mask. Why mask? Let me share with you this:

It’s a secret practice that Korean ladies, when there have a special event to grace will diligently soak their faces in such masks like the Yadah Brightening Mask Pack for a full 28 days every day prior to the appointed function to ensure their skin is in the best flawless and radiant condition. Errr 28 days? too much for me blerrghhh…

On top of that, if you’re into convenience or in other word, lazy (LOL), yet want to have great skin without too much fuss, look no further – Yadah Brightening Mask Pack. Radiantly healthy skin, Yadah’s preservative – free approach to skincare takes the best of science and combines it with the gentlest and most effective ingredients in nature. Convincing enough huh?

Here are some input for you:



It’s organic y’all 😛


Despite of lot of numbers here & there, it seems convincing to me! LOL


To be continued…. part 2.





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