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Hi Everyone!

I am now sitting at my workstation along with my patotie Fai. The nickname that I think suits him well. It sounds cute and witty! He seems to have few of nicknames now. LOL. Okay forget about it.

I want to share with you a coffee shop that I will recommend besides Starbucks, Coffee Bean or other typical-famous coffee shops. It called Caffe Benne, a double-storey coffee shop located at District 1, within Ben Thanh market’s vicinity.

Did you you know that Caffe Bene originally from Korea? Hi K-pop, Korean TV drama lovers! Here the ‘Korean’ place for you. Definitely a subtle Korean touches.




My mouth watering by just looking at this!


A good place for working, meetups & hangout.


Caffe Bene is comparatively more spacious than the typical coffee shops that we are used to. You can see that from the pictures.


The place is spacious with ‘generous’ interior, modern yet hipster elements in design, high speed wifi connection and definitely a good coffee! You can definitely smell the aroma of coffee and waffles filling the place.


Stairs to Level 2.


Space at Level 2.



I ordered caramel macchiato; my fav coffee drink ever and the taste as good as Starbucks! I reckon each coffee shop has different taste of coffee. It could be the different type of coffee, the barista or an unique recipe, no? But I like my coffee here, Caffe Bene!


Cheers everybody!


The opening ceremony for the first branch of Caffe Bene in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh.





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