Hello Vietnam


Hi Everyone!

I’m in Vietnam y’all!!!  I’m staying in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) and will be staying here for 19 days. We renting a serviced apartment for 14 days. The place called Sunflower Boutique Studio, located at District 4. Its a very nice place to stay – an apartment with modern interior and equipment in it and thus far we’re satisfied with the service offered. This is the best place to stay for a long period I must say. On top of that, I saw quite number of expats who stay(ed) here. Its a safe and nice place to stay I could guarantee 🙂

What I like about Sunflower Boutique Studio ?

  1. The wifi. The wifi speed that will make you happy and smile throughout the day. LOL! I really mean it.
  2. The room. 1st time I entered into this room I know I will like it. Its modern, neat and clean room with modern equipment! I like modern interior.
  3. The host. Her name is Le. She’s very nice lady and her English is perfectly understandable. She’s very helpful too. She will recommend you an interesting-must-visit place to go with an affordable price and will assist you to deal with the travel agency. Easy peasy!
  4. Expat. Expats live here. LOL!


What I like about Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City?

  1. The best place for shopping! As you may aware, there are a lot of Malaysians here and easy to find halal food restaurant especially in District 1 (Ben Thanh). Unfortunately, its a bit pricey and sometimes I cant relate it. Vietnam is a very cheap country and the HALAL food here is expensive. I don’t mind to spend on good food especially its HALAL but I think its being ridiculous.
  2. Ben Thanh market. The famous market for Malaysian as a whole. When first I came here 3 yrs ago, I was surprised that most of the seller here could speak Bahasa (Malay language) flawlessly. Hence, easy for negotiation; I meant bargain  😛 and indirectly become close like sister/brother.
  3. Coffee shop. There are A LOT like a lot coffee shops here. From the street one to high end one. Most of coffee shops and even restaurants have wifi. I’m quite surprise with the wifi here. The speed is undoubted. Even better than Malaysia. Sorry to say this but it’s a fact. Malaysia need (MUST) to improve on this.
  4. Startup. Again, it really surprised me when the startup community here is blooming, expanding and they’re successful compared to Malaysia. Ehem…. something to ponder upon.


I reckon there’s many more fun facts about Saigon or Vietnam entirely. I will update time to time with a good reviews, recommendations and tips for you.

Until we meet again!

Tu biet!







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