Guess what?

I’ve lost weight!!!


I know. Annoying right.

I myself couldn’t believe it too.

I’m a happy kid ūüôā

LOL. Sorry I just can’t stop laughing.



Don’t compare yourself with others. Because, we’re different!

1- don't compare yourself

One simple tip that lead to a HUGE impact.


One of the hardest parts about losing weight is food. We can’t simply say no to those sweet-creamy desserts or yummy-juicy hamburger and sparkling soda.¬†Luckily, desserts and soda are not to my liking.¬†Thank God for that!
On top of that, eating healthy¬†is a bit costly¬†and that is why we tend to¬†choose for instance,¬†fast¬†foods over the healthy foods. Plus, can we eat healthy food while we go out or at friend’s house or during eve festival? Hurm, it would definitely take an iron¬†will to do that. Me? I doubt so.
I’m not sure about your food consumption but I¬†like to have mine in moderation. Therefore,¬†I¬†do enjoy my sugar and other fast/quick foods in a moderate portion. Yeah I know, fried or fast food is totally forbidden in order to get a healthy diet¬†and lose weight but once in a while why not? #dontfollowmyroutine .
My current weight:

My weight normally ~50kg. To get my ideal weight as per my height, I should maintain between 50-60kg according to Body Mass Index (BMI). (what 60kg!??)


I’ll show you mine:

Metric Measurements:

Weight (Kilograms) = 50
Height (Centimeters) = 165

Imperial Measurements:

Weight (Pounds) = 110.23
Height (Feet – Inches) = 5’4

BMI (Body Mass Index) = 18.4 

It says:

“You are underweight.¬†To obtain a normal body weight, you must gain between 0.37 and 17.79kilograms”.


Underweight: < 18.5

Normal weight: 18.5 – 24.9

Overweight: 25 – 29.9

Obese: ‚Č• 30


Any how,¬†I’m still thinking¬†I have a normal body weight. ūüėõ




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