Solve the Equation


Guess what?

Mr. so sudden gave me a mathematical equation to solve. Like seriously?

Algorithm, algebra, equation, integer, variable and so many terms that I totally forgot for real. Cry.
I swear I stared at the question like……. speechless! And my eyes get stuck at those numbers, signs, symbols for few seconds and clueless still! Yeah I know T_T’
He said it was an easy question. I might be able to solve it but I swear to God the answer will be wrong! Dbush!
Lastly, he showed me how to solve it (assuredly) with a correct answer and explanations. Trust me he solved it like a eating peas. Settled! I was amazed at how easy the question was.
That’s my patotie; Fai.

A fraction (sometimes, a common fraction) is a way of expressing a number that is a ratio of two integers:

p over q or p/q or even as p÷q.

Ok I don’t want to confuse you more. >.<‘



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