Up close & Personal

Haven’t been blogging for ages!
At least for a month or so.

Not saying I was fully occupied or too busy with my schedule. Definitely I have a lot things to post out, a lot of stories to blog about but… seems nothing happen right?


To be honest, I’m not kinda story teller person. Never draw close. I chose blogging because I want to challenge as well as improve myself. Anything.

Firstly, writing skill as a whole. Plus, how to gain more knowledge and most importantly how to disseminate to others. Easiest way, social media. I should’ve kept posting on my blog and Instagram!

I know I’m very addictive to Instagram over any other social medias or even my own blog! I should make full use of it to inspire people or to get inspired. I guess I did it or maybe not. Or a lil bit of both 😛

For my point of view, we can relate something in our daily life from a single picture or quote. It portrays or ‘teach’ us something indirectly; for those who choose to read and listen wholeheartedly. It could be positive or negative or neither both. It depends on how we comprehend on what has showed.

On top of that, I like sharing something informative that could benefit others. Likewise. I mean it. Not saying I close door to any gossips or rumors. Everyone loves rumors, don’t we? >.<

Everyone says blogging is easy and you can make money from that. True.

Its not as easy as its looks, nonetheless. Trust me! Or is it just for a lazy blogger like me? Lulz! I know I need to be more discipline, proactive, productive and efficient!

Oh God! Please give me (powerful) strength to overcome this laziness that has been hidden deep inside my body and soul.

#prayforaina #prayforsukateedotcom #prayforsukatisukilo






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