Out of the blue


Yesterday, during dinner.

F: Do you want to live in Tokyo?

I looked at him. Startled.

He smiled. He asked me again. Do you want to live in Tokyo? Do you like Tokyo?

Hell yes! I mean who doesn’t love Tokyo?


I love being in Tokyo. Honestly. I am utterly smitten with this city.


Bay of Tokyo with Rainbow Bridge at night

Our trip to Japan 4month ago was really amazing. The feeling was so surreal; a surreal mix of fact and fantasy, at least for me. I had a great time while cruising Japan from the north-south in 14days.


The busiest junction in the world – Shibuya Crossing!

Definitely, a 14days well spent in Japan. Will definitely come again, God’s will. It was my 1st time in Japan and I’m in love with the city and its people – polite and so kind!

Ok back to the story, I said yes to him. ‘I love Tokyo, I love the people, the culture, the food and everything about Japan. You name it! Oh God, lucky I LOVE Japanese food. I can eat it literally like everyday. I mean it. But I still love nasi lemak though. LOL


The famous local food – Udon


Udon with deep fried tofu pouches. Yumsss!

I replied, ‘but living in Tokyo (Japan as a whole) is expensive, the cost of living there….. gulppp!’ The only concern I have in mind when it comes to Japan.

‘Yes, I know. But, lets give a try. Since I can work remotely and working on my own, then why not?’ he smiled confidently with his legitimate reason. I agreed.

‘Yeah, why not! I’d love to!’

‘Lets make it happen, Insha Allah.’

*insert fireworks here*

Its a wishful thinking, I know. Our want list with a big HOPE.

Pray for us. Pray for Mr. & Mrs.





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