Hello (Anna) Wintour!

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2 days away. Yes, in 2 days we will be flying to Seoul, Korea.

Can’t wait! Excited!

It’s winter now in Korea. I couldn’t believe myself travel during winter. Must be so freezing cold. I bet yes it is!

As usual, this trip was an impromptu plan. No planning ahead and never across in our mind that we will be travelling again, at least for this year.

However, as I said, this is impromptu. Why Korea? Simply because it’s quite near to Malaysia compared to EU or other continents. That’s it?

Of course not. There’s more. To be frank, I never been to Korea. Shame on me, no?But that’s not the main point why Korea was our 1st choice.

Winter! Yes, because it’s winter, close by, and ultimately we are going for skiing & snowboarding!


To be continued…




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