Time of Devotion

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Muslim around the world welcome the Holy Month of Ramadhan in May, when we fast from dawn to dusk. The first day of Ramadhan , called Awal Ramadhan, falls on May 17 (subject to change) this year. It also a public holiday Brunei Darussalam, as well as in the Malaysian states of Kedah, Melaka & Johor.

Breaking the Fast

Ramadhan – a period of reflection and prayer. An important observance during the month is fasting, which takes place from dawn to dusk.

The Iftar (breaking of fast) meal is a joyous occasion. Usually enjoyed with family and friends. Dates are often savored with milk, water or tea. Or we can enjoy it just as it is. High in sugar, fibre and minerals, dates are easily digested and a quick source of energy  and nutrients. Eating dates after a fast also helps the body’s blood glucose levels quickly return to normal.

Happy Fasting!






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