Leap of Faith

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In my world, I am lucky enough to love with what I do. I work to play and I play to work; in other words, I travel in order to work and I work in order to travel. Both are interconnected. “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” I stand true to this statement. Life is simply too short to not love your life and what you do with it. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone of us has our own journey and path. Whatever it is, I’m far to compare with others.

In April of 2016 , I decided to take a leap of faith. I quitted my 9-6 job, a new completely world I have never experience to before. As a first timer as a ‘jobless’, NO! I don’t quite like with the term, probably a career break? Yes, that’s sound optimist and promising; a sense of nervousness hit me. Questions stared to wander through my mind.

What would this ‘career break’ world be like? Will I be judged ? Will I be sufficed enough to pay all my expenses? Will I be able to adapt?

Of course, with every new adventure there are always mixed feelings. Nervous but excited, curious yet worried. As of now, for being a person on a career break, an exhilarated feeling took over. I was already on this path, no use turning back now, the only thing I could do was to keep an open mind and an open heart for the future.

So what happened? I fell in love. Not with any one individual, but with the whole system itself and the idea of wonder of what could be. An inception moment in my life. I simply enjoyed every moment, every lesson learnt, and every experience it has in store for me. So much so, that I decided to continue on with this adventure around the world. Since then, I have traveled multiple countries; 25 countries and counting…….


I began opening up as a person much more; becoming more friendly with people I’ve barely or never met. Instead of shying away from what the world could be, I was actively seeking it out.  New adventures seemed to just sprawl themselves in front of me. Some of my experiences include, zig-zagging through the mass city traffic on motorcycle taxis, exploring human creatures, and meeting with phenomenally unique individuals. These are memories that will be kept forever and shape who I am today.

Traveling brought out the best in me. Never before had I seen so many beautiful places, meet amazingly kind hearted people, or traveled as I have before. I got to delve into a world steeped in culture and truly experience it living in a country as a “local”. Being immersed that much in so many different countries and cultures, it’s needless to say I gained a whole new mindset.



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