Sail Away



Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore. Dream. Discover.
– Mark Twain

I love the excitement of it all–feeling like an explorer–discovering a new land, a new language, a new culture and all the little challenges that go along with it. I am more spontaneous and don’t live for the future or the past just in the moment. Being impulsive and saying ‘yes’ to nearly everything is part of the fun.

Traveling has not only been something that I do, but it has been something that has become a part of me. Having said, traveling is not only a way to get away—it’s a way to learn and experience life through different cultures and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you haven’t gotten to travel before, start somewhere small and close.

I know it can be quite intimidating to go somewhere where you don’t belong to, but I promise that it helps you grow as a person and change your persepective about life.  The best part are, you’ll always get to experience and learn something new everyday. Having a travel bucket list is always a fun idea. I like to write down places that I would like to travel someday, so when you do visit, you get to cross it off the list!



Welcome 2018



New beginnings 🎉

Every experience in my life is orchestrated to teach me something I need to know to move forward. Life always seem so perfect in social media. I try to be as real and true to myself as possible, albeit my life may seem perfect, it’s not. It’s nowhere close to that. But I’m grateful with what I have now -imperfectly perfect. Couldn’t been better.

The richest person isn’t the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least. Wealth is a mindset. Have less and appreciate more.

Be thankful for your life, your health, family & friends and your home. Many people don’t have these things. Be grateful. Be humble. Be teachable.

The world is bigger than what we ever imagine of. There’s always a chance, a room, a space to improve and grow. Don’t criticize or judge people who’s trying hard to get up from zero, hard and bad time. We deserve a life chance to grow and get better.

Perspective is everything. Traveling has given me a deeper appreciation for my life and has sharpened my mindset and outlooks on things. What you see is my perspective, what I choose to see. The beauty and moments where my heart lies. ♥️