Birthday Short Getawayyy!

Travelling, Up close & Personal

Can’t wait.

This time, we’re not going overseas. Instead, we planned to go to an island in Malaysia.


This island has been my must-go trip in Malaysia. Pretty much say that it means a lot to me. A lot of stories I can share here. One of them was, it was my 1st ever honeymoon when I got married to le hubs 🙂

Thus, you pretty much aware why I love being there. All I can say is, all the good and sweet memories began there. And counting!

Most likely this short escapade is for my Birthday (not so) treat/holiday. We wanted to do a short and sweet trip in Malaysia before we go far far awaayyy from here.

This island is situated in the Northern coast of Peninsular of Malaysia.

Where we will be going?


Stay tuned!




July Oh July

Up close & Personal

I know 😛

Always behind the schedule. It’s already mid of July. I know I know.

As you know (or most probably not) July means a lot to me. It really does.

You know why?

Because my birthday is on July!

On top of that, my dad’s birthday falls on July too.

Guess what, his birthday is on 13th and mine on 14th. Cool isn’t?


Happy Birthday Daddy! Or belated doesn’t matter 😛

There’s a lot of things I wanna say about him, like a lot. But, I’d rather keep it simple, short & sweet.

He’s a strict dad. A very well committed and dedicated dad/person as a whole.

Loving and caring. However he’s not the type who express his feeling. His love towards us through his action is beyond belief. His action clearly speaks LOUDER than words.

The unconditional love that he showered us since we were small until now, is beyond words. God has lend him to us and it’s a PRECIOUS gift that can’t be irreplaceable and undeniable.


I really do.

Happy Sweet 56th Birthday!waiter-holding-huge-birthday-cake.gif




Mom oh Mom

Up close & Personal

Mom will always be mom.

She asked me whether I have my baju raya (new dress for Eid) yet or not.

Me as usual.

‘I don’t have any (yet)’.

And she started to yada, yada, etc, bla, etc

‘Ok mom, I’ll find one’.

I thought by saying that she will stop ‘her-sweet-speech’ but no way! LOL

I love her. I love my mom.

She continues.

What did I do? I just say YES. Yes, my advice to you, just say yes to your mom. Agree or disagree doesn’t matter.

Win-win situation. Everyone’s happy. 😀

Therefore, my baju raya hunting begins. Sigh.

If you read my previous entry, I did mentioned that I was looking for white dress to be paired with Mr’s baju Melayu (Malay suit). And I’m talking about his baju nikah. He wanted to wear his baju nikah on Eid. I’ve surveyed few (white) dresess that I like. However, I can’t decide which one to buy. Ended up I didn’t buy any.

Well, I still have my baju nikah (bridal dress) since the Mr. will be wearing his. The reason why I reluctant to wear mine is because the kain (skirt) was too long. Don’t ask me why. Well, I assume you aware of the wedding thingy right? Everything must be so fancy here and there. Yeah, I know don’t judge me. LOL

Having said, too long or not I will be wearing my baju nikah anyway. However, it subject to change. We’ll see if I found one. At this juncture, I don’t have have any urgency or preference to buy one.

But, mom will always be mom.

I love you, MOM!

Wish me luck!


Women’s bridal dress

credit: Alia Bastamam


Men’s bridal suit (baju Melayu)

credit: Jovian Mandagie




2016 Resolutions

Up close & Personal

I barely love new beginnings. It seems the same to me. But I do dream! I want 2016 to become a great beginning for me to start all over again – restructuring my haywire life (I kid you not). Some of mine this year are:

  • To continue my online/offline biz. The truth is, I’ve started long time ago. The problem with me is, I do things (sometimes) halfway! A big NO in 2016 pls!
  • To travel more. I mean to at least spend 2 or 3 month in lucky country. So I will hop on hop off 4 countries in 1 year. Or maybe more?? Cool huh?!
  • To spend my free time in interior. I just love it! My ambition when I was in high school. But its never too late to learn & explore more about anything.
  • To capture moments as many as I can, print it and patch everywhere in the house. The husband will ‘agree’ with me. LOL!
  • To become a ‘Masterchef’ – at least a good chef to my husband & kids. I’ve always loved cooking/baking and always dream myself cook on TV. Such a dreamer!
  • To be more technology savvy. I’ve learned HTML, C++, database, programming during school but hey I’m hopeless – apart from this blog, I have very little stance in the tech world. I barely exist- fine, I active on IG, FB is gone from the world, I doubt I’ll ever join the so-up-to-date Twitter world but who knows anytime soon? Time to do something about that. The husband would be so proud. *clap *clap

(Surely)I have more, but those listed are my main priority. So here’s to the new year 2016!





New Year 2016

Up close & Personal

(How) I wish I’m not too late to wish you Happy New Year 2016!!!

Ok, I know it’s been (almost) 2 month but still , I want to take a moment to wish all of you Happy New Year 2016. Hope 2016 will bring you more positivity & happiness in life.

I hope February is a good starting point to start my (pending) blog.

I used to blogging before but, I stopped.

Here I am again.

Please be nice to me and do support me anywhere that would do 😀