Snow White Returns

Up close & Personal

Oh that my super comfy comforter ;p

Did you miss me? 😛

Yeah I know I seem to disappear and reappear as I please. I blame myself for this inconsistency behavior  and perhaps irresponsible of me but, I’m pretty sure there were other things on the web/world that entertained you lot for the past errr a month or so.

There are plenty of things that I wanted to share with you guys but I think I have to make a documentary just for that. #heks

Oh yeah, I’m writing this pass midnight at 1.29AM Malaysia time and sit next to me is the Mr. doing his never-end work.

Stay tuned for more stories, pictures, tips and you name it!

So here I am. Not-so-born blogger. But hey, you still love me don’t you? 😛